Healthcare HR Solutions is here to support HR teams and line managers through periods of change. Our highly rated Interim Management service is helping us to become one of the UK’s fastest growing healthcare support organisations.

The back office efficiency and management optimisation we deliver helps you to keep up with day to day processes while you adjust to the transition. At the same time you save money because we provide only what you ask for and we save you the time and trouble of sorting it all out yourself.

The links we have with third sector organisations and local authorities allow us to offer efficiency savings and tailored services that closely match customer requirements.

Whether you are a GP adapting to unfamiliar processes, a Trust striving for Foundation status or an established Foundation Trust needing extra support – we deliver exactly what you require for however long a period you need us for.

Employee Transition Framework

Taking care of employee requirements in times of change.

Organisation Development

Detailing and structuring employee roles and organisational strategies.

Learning and Development

Offering mandatory NHS training and meeting the needs of employees.

Employee Relations

Resolving workplace conflict and encouraging cooperation.

HR Advice and Organisation Support

Providing advice and management for finance and productivity.


Ensuring appropriate recruitment and management during the transition.

Please contact us to discuss a healthcare HR package that will suit your needs.