Essential Handbooks for Healthcare Professionals


dignity & respect essential cover

 Hospitals, care homes and other parts of the health sector are packed with caring and compassionate nurses, doctors, midwives and other professionals. They chose to enter a caring profession so they could make a difference to people who are unwell or who need special care. Does this sound like you?

 And yet, despite the number of kind and compassionate people who enter the profession, it has been getting a bad press. What is preventing healthcare professionals from providing optimum care? How can you ensure the patient is at the centre of everything you do? Can you feel as passionate about healthcare again as the day you started your first job?

 Packed with practical tools and resources to ensure care stays your number one focus, this essential guide will help you improve relationships with your team, manage your own responses and communicate better with co-workers and patients.

 Author Clive Lewis has applied his expertise to create an accessible, inspiring and practical guide for all managers and staff.

 A must have for today’s health worker!





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